Loving and Learning Educational CentersLoving and Learning Educational CentersLoving and Learning Educational Centers

At Loving and Learning Educational Center®, our teachers are our secret to guaranteeing your child a successful start.

Our dedicated teaching staff creates a loving and nurturing environment which leaves every child feeling free to explore their creativity and intellectual development. Loving and Learning Educational Center® sets high standards for the skills and competencies required of the teachers who educate your children. Members of our team are carefully selected, trained and evaluated. Because they are part of your community, you probably know them already!

Once part of our team, each teacher receives expert training on center goals and requirements and they go through a thorough orientation process. Our center Directors monitor our teachers and provide productive and helpful feedback to them to better serve your child’s needs.


We support our centers’ Directors and teachers with ongoing training, resources and the freedom to create unique learning experiences for your children. We are committed to providing our teaching staff with many opportunities for professional development. It is not only part of our commitment to our staff, but also our commitment to you and your child.

All two of our centers have Directors and staff that have been with us since we opened our doors in 1979. We take great pride in the loyalty and dedication of these committed staff members.

Take the time to get to know our center directors and teaching staff.


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