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Our Approach

Loving and Learning Educational Center® has been a leading child care provider in the Charleston area for over 25 years. Our success can be credited to two sources:

  1. We are a family operated center located right in the heart of the community in which we live and raise our own children. Our center directors and many of our talented teachers have lived here all their lives. Some were even Loving and Learning toddlers themselves! You will find a love and dedication to your child’s education and care that you won’t find any where else.
  2. We operate this center on one major premise, to care for the whole child, not just the intellectual side, but the emotional side as well. Our loving, dedicated and well-trained teachers work closely with parents not only to provide the child with their every educational need, but also to make sure their social needs are met as well. A well-rounded child is a successful child and a well-rounded educational program respects both the emotional and intellectual needs of a child and better equips that child for future learning.

Our ultimate goal is to place children on the road to becoming successful, well-rounded young people who will one day share our world as contributing and caring adults. Learning and Loving Educational Center® strives to reach this goal through operating on the following beliefs:

  • We believe that every child is unique. At Loving and Learning, we know no child is like the other, and that is why we strive to provide an educational experience that caters to the needs of each individual child. We are sensitive to your child’s emotional, intellectual and physical needs and will work with you to help your child develop in a healthy, positive way at their own pace. When children are free to grow and develop at their own pace, they gain not just a healthy environment in which to learn, but a love of and desire to learn as well.
  • We believe in providing an environment that caters not only to a child’s intellect, but also to their spirits. Studies conducted in the field of early childhood education have shown that children learn mainly through wide varieties of play as opposed to formal, structured methods more appropriate for older children. Through simple play activities, such as painting, cooking, listening to stories and playing with building blocks, children gain the skills necessary to learn to read, do mathematics, and function well in school later on.
  • We believe well-trained, loving, caring teachers are the key to a child’s success. We only recruit and retain teachers who demonstrate a great love, understanding and dedication to the care and education of your child. Our loyal staff is committed to providing your child with the very best care available. Your children are our top priority and it shows in the excellent care our teachers provide. We believe that it is only through the dedication and love of well-trained, professional teachers that our goals of caring for and educating your child can truly be met.
  • We believe in providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for your children. Our facilities are designed with your child’s safety, health and comfort in mind. Our well-equipped classrooms and playgrounds are arranged and cared for in a manner that promotes and allow your children to explore and play, and most important, succeed. Your child’s meals and snacks are planned and prepared by our well-trained, dedicated staff. We serve meals and snacks that provide the nutrition parents desire and the great taste kids want. Your children could not be in better hands!


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