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All of our programs are based on the theory of Creative Curriculum. Creative Curriculum is based on the educational philosophy and theories of Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget. It also incorporates the principles of physical development and an appreciation of cultural influences.

Our infant program provides a safe and loving environment in which your baby can thrive. We combine years of experience with love and nurturing to maximize your baby’s first year of development. Our staff is very well trained in infant care. All caregivers participate in ongoing training throughout the year. Our main goal is to accommodate each individual infant’s schedule and growth development. Research shows infants thrive when allowed to follow their own schedule rather than a schedule set for the classroom. An environment is provided which promotes exploration and development for infants. Most importantly, our program encourages interaction between the staff and infants.

Our toddler program provides an environment that encourages exploration, language development, motor skill development, and independence. The toddler program is based on a weekly theme, letter and number which promotes the exploration of colors, shapes, music and letter recognition. Through artwork, story time and circle time, each child is introduced to the concepts included in the program. During the time that the toddlers are beginning to learn academically, the teachers are providing the nurturing and support necessary for children to feel safe and secure in their environment. Also, the toddlers are provided with free play and outside time on their playground as part of a fun-filled day.

In our two year old program, we start to introduce more academic concepts and promote more independence. The program is based on a weekly theme, number and letter. Our program also provides opportunities for children to learn through play, art and music. Through this program children are taught letter recognition, shapes, sounds and number recognition. The other important aspect of this program is that it focuses on independence through potty training, and language development. To help develop language skills, children are read to throughout the day and encouraged to explore their environment through play. Parents are provided with a weekly schedule detailing their child's daily events in order to follow up with learning experiences at home. Children are encouraged to develop a sense of independence. They are nurtured through hugs and words of encouragement.

As children progress from the two year old class to the three year old class, their program becomes more structured and focused on academic skills and social growth. Nurturing is still an important component in helping the children be emotionally healthy. Once again, this program is based on a weekly theme, number and letter, but also is enhanced by the use of another program entitled Animal Island. Animal Island is a year long program that introduces the children to the letters of the alphabet and to the concept of alphabetical order. The children follow a magical story about five animals as they explore letters, sounds and writing. The three-year-old program also provides time for free play, outside play, art and music. At this age, the program also starts to provide field trips for the children to reinforce the concepts they are learning in the classroom.


Loving and Learning’s 4-K program is a combination of the school’s program and two supplemental programs called Lippincott and Mathematics Their Way. The school’s program is comprised of weekly themes, letters, numbers, artwork, music and field trips. Each week the children will explore a weekly theme through artwork, play and academics. The program is designed to develop language skills, beginning math concepts, reading skills, oral skills, writing skills and social skills.

The second component of our program is Lippincott. Lippincott is a comprehensive reading-language arts program which contains and correlates reading, handwriting, auditory and oral language skills for children who do not know how to read or write. Lippincott provides children with a thorough understanding of the letters of the alphabet and their sounds – the most basic elements of our spoken and written language. The goal of Mathematics Their Way is the development of understanding and insight of the patterns of Mathematics through the use of concrete materials. A variety of familiar materials, which are gathered from the child’s world, enables the child to begin at his or her own stage of development.

Through a combination of both these programs, children who complete our 4-K class are very well prepared for any 5-K program they may enter.

School Age Program
Loving and Learning provides two programs for school age children. The first is an aftercare program available during the school year and school holidays, and the second is a summer camp program. In the first program, we provide a place for the children to complete homework, have play time and relax in a safe environment.  On the school holidays, we provide special activities and field trips.

The second program is our summer camp, which is available when school is closed for the summer. The children’s days are filled with activities such as swimming, bowling, skating, movies, art, music, outside play and free play. We also incorporate a reading program in which the children are encouraged to read a certain number of books throughout the summer in order to earn a special trip at the end of the summer. The whole summer camp program provides a safe environment that not only provides daily entertainment, but encourages self-confidence, creativity and social growth.


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